Power House Expedite

Expedite your Shipment Process

Turn your face away from the delays in getting your shipment at the right time with Power House Expedite Inc, promising to act on the unhalted method of shipping freight where the only possibility that exists is of fast transit times defying the goods shipping of regular timings. From pickup to delivery, we work unwaveringly!

What do we offer?

With extensive in-hand learning of the logistics industry dating up to more than two decades, Power House Expedite Inc. is a business owned by a family, now striving to officially expand its commercial horizon after building an impressive and successful reputation amongst various dealers belonging to ever-so-diversified industries of shippers, warehouses, factories, auto shops, and dealerships. Employing experience in dispatching services, the mission of the company is now set to broaden its horizon for lending a helping hand to the people and businesses all over Canada and United States looking for a company to aid them in expediting their delivery cycle. With an aim to outperform every other logistic company you may have worked with, we provide you with asset-based drivers as well as partner carriers that are hand-picked by us for facilitating you around the clock for 24 hours, 7 days a week, leaving no packages from unloading on the shipment carrier.

Fast-track the Process

Waiting kills! We have introduced automatic hourly updates to exterminate waiting in oblivion from our process. It enables you to track the movement of your shipment from Sprinter Vans Cross the border of Canada to the United States and vice versa. We toil to work with no failures to stay true to our company’s value of offering quick, efficient, and timely deliveries while fostering the reputation of a company emitting the importance of trust, availability, and reliability!

Power House Expedite Inc; it is in the name!

We aim to embed power in those who believe in us to get their goods transported across the borders with safety intact. We work industriously throughout the process to make it possible. In the face of unforeseen events such as road accidents or bad weather, we take up the accountable and respectable charge of the shipment and recover the extra cost even if it costs us extra. The prominent reason to make the claim of empowering you through our service provision is due to the sheer command vested in us by the powerful team at Power House Expedite Inc, working day and night to offer excellent customer service, be it our drivers or dispatchers working energetically to accommodate all of your shipping needs.

Want to Deliver?

We are your Dispatching Solution!

Take the leap of faith and choose us to deliver your shipment with answerability and responsibility as the core igniting values.